Release Notes:
This is a first step to a project I'm working on and I thought I'd release it for general public usage.  Let me know of any bugs you find or suggestions you might have.  SpeaKalc uses a demo version of speech recognition plugin.  If you like SpeaKalc, feel free to send me a buck or 2 via paypal or just sign up with me as the referrer. Once I get enough, I will purchase the full version of the plugin so you won't have that warning upon launching SpeaKalc.

Version History
0.9.6 beta
- upgraded to SRP 1.1.1
- small bug fixes
- GPL'd (ask for the source and it shall be given unto you)
0.9.5 beta
- added "clear entry" functionality
    ("C" once: clears entry, "C" twice: clears expression)
- a bunch of small bug fixes
- Still need equals between operations
0.9.3 beta
- Fixed zero button
0.9.2 beta
- Fixed equals button
0.9.1 beta
- upgraded to SRP 1.1
0.9 beta
- initial public release
SpeaKalc Image

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Known Issues
-Weird things happen sometimes with equals and zero (fixed!)
-Can't do multiple operations, ex: "3+8+9=" ("3+8=+9=" works though)
-Doesn't speak results back (will make this an option)

SpeaKalc Uses:
Speech Recognition Plugin 1.1.1
by Will Cosgrove