This is my metric clock, I made it for fun, just because. There is no analog version...yet, but if you have OS-X you can take the (above right)picture and replace the original backdrop in to get an idea of what I'd like to see eventually.

Download Metriclock!
Mac (classic) version
Mac X (carbon) version
Windows version

Thought Process:

Prior to 17-9-2 I had talked to tony about this idea that time should be metric since everything else it, I didn't really think about the details, but I just had the idea in my head.

oh yeah, today i plan to make a metric clock. Get it? It'll be funny, 10 hours instead of 12. You'll see, I hope to have a mac and PC version ready for download by the end of the week, depending on my free time this week.

Anyhow, apparently there's really a metric time standard out there, but the program i'm gonna make is not like it....this metric standard thing has 1000 "beats" in a day instead of 24 hours. and no months or weeks, just 365 or 364 days in a year depending on if there's a leapyear or not. I have to do some thinking about how i'm gonna do it. All I knew was i'm gonna have this clock that has 10 hours instead of 12. maybe these "hours" will not be hours at all, but 1.2 hour long sections. Yes, I think that's how I will do it. It'll be neat, you'll see. So, by the time you get to 9 o'clock, there's an hour and 12 minutes left til the real 12o'clock. Hhahahahahaha, makes sense? so right now, it's 1:35pm, so that would be 1:12.5pm in my metric time.

see? time goes slower, it's more relaxing, i like it. so instead of working from 9-5, you could say you work from 7.5-4.16666666666 Isn't that great? And you might as well round it off to an even number, so why not 8-4? then you're only working 6 of my metric hours, or 7.2 regular hours instead of the normal 8! from working 9-5. Yes, i definately think this is a good idea. Now if i could only find some time to write this you can see i have no time on my hands to think about this or sit here and do nothing but type up some ideas. Yeah, no time for that stuff, i'm busy busy busy, so once I get some free time, i guess i'll think about thinking about starting to think about writing this program.

I think i'm gonna finally start on the metric clock today, we'll see.

alright, so here's what I did today, I wrote the metric clock program. It kinda works, but the seconds don't all show up cause it would take a lot of work to get that to do that and i don't have that kind of time. Not like I have a whole day to blow on just writing a metric clock program or anything.

So, i have not tested the OS-X version or the Windows version, so tell me how it goes:
haha, right now it's 2:95:74 PM, almost time to leave!

oh, the way I decided it was gonna work is this: instead of 12 hours on the clock, it has 10. Then instead of 60 minutes in an hour, it has 100, and instead of 60 seconds in a minute, there are 100. It's very metric, i like it. Also, instead of showing the 10th hour, it shows 0(i think)

ok, i'll add one more thing that might help you understand how the program works: at noon or midnight, the metriclock will go from 9:99:99 to 0:00:00, now think about it and tell me it's not tight...i dare you!

I'm working a new version of Metriclock where you can copy the date and time into the clipboard and choose the window mode that you want(so you can have it as a floating window or whatever).

Danielle thinks Brendan missed his 7:45 class this morning...
He should download the metric clock, I just thought about it and using this clock, you will never be late cause it counts to 10 hours instead of 12, the only problem i think would be teh 12 oclock hour, i dunno but everyone should start using metric time, i think if you use it for a while, you will get used to it. Try to make a metric clock out of an old wall clock, just open it up and take the number off and throw away the "11" and the "12", and the "1" from the "10", then place the numbers around the circle evenly starting with 0 at the top. I think I'm gonna get a clock at Walmart just so I can do this.

Oh, I played around with the window modes for a while and found out you can't change them easily, so i just made it use floating window mode so you can have Metriclock always on top of any program you are using.
OH, and figured out how to make the copy and paste work...kinda. it should work if you click on the date or time, then the date or time is copied to the clipboard. The program might need to be at the front(not floating over another program) for the copying to work.

I'm gonna set up another webpage where you can download the new versions and the old versions, and submit it to cause that will be funny! Tony says people will give me bad reviews and stuff, but i don't care.

alright, i have the website set up: Metriclock I should start adding stuff to it soon, unless I get lazy again.

i just noticed that metric time and real time are the same at around 1:41:55

Version History:
1.0.4 (10-8-2)
Fixed another 3-digit bug
Added logging to file option
Nice new icon thanks to a user

1.0.3 (10-1-2)
Rewrote time display, more efficient
No longer displays 3 digits in times (2:045:00 PM)
New webhost, goodbye geocities!

1.0.2 (9-27-2)
Photoshopped an Icon from
Fixed a bug where AM wouldn't change to PM until 1:00:00

1.0.1 (9-24-2)
Added Copy Time and Date ability (click on what you want to copy)
Changed to Global Floating Window

1.0 (9-23-2)
Initial Release

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