emo quiz

so a while ago i decided to make a quiz that determines how emo a person is.  this is the result.  its like those teen magazine quizes where you get a score from your answers.  i told tristan about it and he suggested i make it an application.  well i talked to nick. nick said it would be easy to do.  then i wrote the question, that took a while.  only 15 questions.  then a little advice to you based on your score.  i must thank dc and scott for giving me info on emoniss.  and also nick for doing the code and interface.  and tristan for making one question.  in the future i hope to add more questions. tell all your friends to download emo quiz.  and tell all your friends to tell all their friends about emo quiz, and so on untill everyone knows about emo quiz and people are telling people who already know about it.

download emo quiz for mac os x
download emo quiz for mac os 9
download emo quiz for windows

someone should make an icon for the emo quiz.  its been pointed out the quiz doesnt work as well for women.  so i will have to change some answers around to make them work for both sexes.  i think only one questions is bad, the way you dress one.  change girlfriend to boyfriend if your a girl.  and any others i forgot, i'll look at it later.  report your score in the guest book on my web page.  link at bottom.
 people should also make questions and send them to me so the emo quiz can grow.  dc said he would.  dont you wanna be like dc?

also download metriclock made by nick.

thanks to dc, scott, nick, and tristan for their help on the emo quiz.

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